Glyn at Magical Moments Videos Edit Suite Pam using Magical Moments Videos Canon video camera

Here is Pam using one of our Canon XH-A1 high definition broadcast quality camcorders on a Manfrotto video tripod. We have two of these cameras and two additional Canon high definition camcorder as backup which we use in a fixed position. We use “on camera” PAG video lights to supplement the available light.

Glyn is seen here working on one of our two edit suites. This is our newer high definition setup and the one that we would use to edit your videos. We use software from Canopus, Adobe and Sony.

We have a Soundcraft 12 channel  audio mixer and a selection of  AKG, Sennheiser and Rode condenser, dynamic and radio mics. We record audio using a Marrantz  PMD660 and Zoom H2 digital audio recorder or an analogue Revox reel to reel tape recorder if you prefer the “analogue” sound.


Magical Moments is a husband and wife team, Glyn and Pam Jones. They are based in Burton-on-Trent in East Staffordshire. Glyn has been involved in film and sound recording for many years having bought his first 8mm cine camera and tape recorder at the age of 15, progressing to video when camcorders became available in the 1980’s.  Pam comes from an artistic background having been interested in art and picture composition since her school days. The two complement one another perfectly in forming Magical Moments.  

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